Cynthia Richey


I am a senior undergraduate student at the University of Washington, majoring in computer science and minoring in mathematics. After graduating this winter, I will continue my studies at UW as part of the combined BS/MS program. My academic interests lie in programming languages: I am a research assistant with the PLSE group, working on ruler. I was a teaching assistant for UW's undergraduate PL course, CSE 341, this past spring.

I'll be doing cool formal verification research stuff at Certora this summer. Last summer, I was a software engineer intern at AT&T's Atlanta office, on the TDP tools team. There, I finally learned JavaScript, so now I have no excuse not to make this website better, and yet I resist. Previously, I interned with genomics startup Geneial, where I developed privacy-protecting querying tools which allow users to derive insights from encrypted data. I have also worked as a tutor for the Math Study Center, a drop-in tutoring resource for students taking UW's introductory calculus sequence. You can contact me by email or add me on LinkedIn.

Although I have lived in Seattle since 2016, I am originally from Columbia, South Carolina, a city I once heard described as "a hot concrete bowl". I don't disagree with this characterization, but I love it anyway. Outside of school, I listen to loud, weird music and cook an improbable amount. I go by Thia, usually.